//Gunman Known as Angry Loner

Gunman Known as Angry Loner

By Paul Hughes
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Some people who knew Steven Maushake said he frightened them, yelling at them when they played the music too loud or went to his yard to retrieve a ball.

Others said he was a loner who kept to himself even before his cancer-stricken mother, Joy Violet Maushake, 63, shot herself to death in 1990 following an argument the two had over a television in the house they shared for more than 20 years.

Conflicting reports about Maushake emerged Wednesday as the 32-year-old unemployed man apparently lay dead in his home at 1343 Fawn St. in Ontario after exchanging semiautomatic gunfire with a police SWAT team.  Police were called to the home about 5 p.m. Tuesday after an argument between Maushake and his brother turned violent and shots were fired.

The ordeal ended Wednesday night when a fire erupted in the house after police shot tear gas and percussion devices inside.

The ordeal ended Wednesday night when a fire erupted in the house after police shot tear gas and percussion devices inside.  A body, apparently that of Maushake, was found inside the house.

Rudy Guillen, 16, who lives next door to Maushake, called him “a scary person” who snapped at him and other children whenever they went to his yard to retrieve a ball and who came to their house to complain when the radio was too loud.

“He always looked mean, like angry,” the teen-ager said.

Guillen said Maushake never struck him or others in the neighborhood.  “He probably would have hit us if we stood up to him and argued, but we never did,” Guillen said.

One man who resides behind him called Maushake, “the kind of guy who snapped” and who tried to shoot the man’s dog shortly after his mother died.

Frank Lucero, 34, who lives across the street from Maushake and whose wife and children were ordered by police to stay inside their house throughout the ordeal, called him someone who kept to himself and seldom left the house until after his mother died.

On Tuesday, Michael Maushake was visiting his brother, Steven, around 5 p.m. when an argument between the two ended with Steven threatening his brother and firing a shot into the air, Detective Mike Macias said.

The police arrived shortly after the incident and the 27-hour stand off began.

Kim Fogle, 32, who attended Chaffey High School with Michael Maushake, called Steve Maushake a clean-cut man who “lived and did everything” for his mother.

“I grew up with Mike, and you wouldn’t think it would have been (Steve) doing this,” she said.  “This guy Steve is a nice, clean-cut person.”

Police Cpl. Jeff Miller, who participated in the standoff, said his only prior contact with Maushake was when his mother died, on Oct. 8, 1990.  He said that following an argument over a television remote control, his mother went into the bedroom and shot herself with a .357-caliber revolver he had given her for protection.