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Author: paulhughes

Election Fraud Charges Intensify; RFK Jr. Joins Fray

By Paul Hughes RushPRNews Washington,DC(RushPRnews) –Both sides in the election fraud scandal sweeping this year’s presidential election have stepped up their charges against each other, with Republicans calling the grassroots civil rights group ACORN Communist and liberals such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. accusing the GOP of systematically removing registered Democrats from the election rolls. A spokesman for ACORN, the Association of Community Activist For Reform Now, told RushPRnews that accusations of voter fraud against the organization are nothing more than a carefully orchestrated attempt by the Republican Party to disqualify the 1.3 million people it registered to vote....

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City Manager Candidate Quit Fontana Post

By Paul Hughes Dispatch Staff Writer A former Fontana city manager who quit in a scandal involving members of his staff is the top contender to assume the same post here, sources said. The City Council on Monday is to meet with Jack Ratelle in closed session for the second time since Dec. 20. Although two men were interviewed then, Ratelle is said to be the top choice for the job. It could not be determined if a vote to appoint him will be taken Monday or delayed for further consideration. Currently redevelopment director for the city of Hesperia,...

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