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Two SCE Specialists Among First to Demo Energy Acquisition Program

By Paul Hughes<br> Southern California Edison Behind a secured door and down a series of hallways, Alex Cabrera and Katherine Won sit at computers, often with multiple monitors above, and work with “bleeding edge” technology. The SCE energy operations specialists are at the forefront of power procurement and are now gearing up for big changes set to occur on January 31, 2008. That’s when the Market Redesign and Technology Upgrade, perhaps better known as MRTU, goes into effect. Between now and then, Cabrera and Won will take part in market simulations, practicing new steps to be involved in procuring energy... read more

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Molycorp Mine Digs Rare Earth in Mojave Desert

By Paul Hughes Desert Dispatch Within every color television, computer chip – even corning ware glass and catalytic converter – are particles refined from so-called... read more

City Manager Contender Quit Fontana Post

By Paul Hughes Dispatch Staff Writer A former Fontana city manager who quit in a scandal involving members of his staff is the top contender... read more

SCE Mapper Named Deputy of Year

By Paul Hughes Southern California Edison Co. Hours before Glen Barnes was honored by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department San Dimas Boosters as Patrol... read more

Getting to Know Grigaux, and SSID

Paul Grigaux has a busy agenda ahead as the newly hired director of SCE’s Shop Services and Instrumentation Division (SSID). Grigaux oversees an expansive, 28-acre... read more

Election Fraud Charges Intensify; RFK Jr. Joins Fray

By Paul Hughes Washington,DC(RushPRnews) Both sides in the election fraud scandal sweeping this year’s presidential election have stepped up their charges against each other, with... read more

One of CHP’s first Women in Uniform retiring

Vivien Firlein remembers when, as a new California Highway Patrol officer, a women exposed her breasts hoping to avoid a traffic ticket. The wayward motorist... read more